Rev Billy Graham got broadcasting start at Florida radio station

Graham Billy copyFeb. 21, 2018 – It is with sadness and appreciation for his life’s work that we note the death of The Reverend Billy Graham today. In reporting his death, CNN said, “Graham built his ministry by brining the gospel message of tent-revival preachers into the modern media age, using any tool at his disposal . . .”

What is generally not known is that Reverend Graham got his start in radio preaching at Florida radio station WFOY-AM in St. Augustine. As reported in my book:

“In his autobiography, Just as I Am, Reverend Graham said a friend ‘arranged for me to preach for a week of evenings at East Palatka Baptist Church. And not only in the church, but over radio station WFOY in nearby St. Augustine, live every morning. By now I had prepared and practiced about fifteen sermons—full length ones—and I was ready to go.’ After preaching in church, Reverend Graham said, ‘I was so keyed up that I could hardly sleep at night, and yet I had to drive on a rural road the twenty-eight miles from Palatka to St. Augustine . . . in the morning in order to preach on the radio.’”

Again from CNN’s report, “‘He saw himself as using a new media to deliver a very old message,’ said Randall Balmer, an expert on religious history at Dartmouth College.”

Here’s a link to the CNN report:

His message of peace, respect, and understanding will be missed

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